Jamie Kennedy Talks TREMORS: A COLD DAY IN HELL And Angry Comedy Club Crowds

From his early roles in the Wes Craven’s Scream franchise to his years of stand-up comedic work, Jamie Kennedy is certainly no stranger to making the stage and screen his own, and he’s back once again as the freewheeling son of Burt Gummer in the latest installment into the Tremors franchise – he was kind enough to talk with us for a few minutes to discuss the role, as well as what he hates the most when he’s performing in front of a crowd – read on and enjoy!

DC: So Jamie – what’s going on with your character Travis in this latest installment of Tremors?

JK: My character Travis goes from the wisecracking son sidekick to taking over a bit more in charge after something happens to Burt in this movie – so I become like, the man! He slowly starts to morph into more of a take charge kind of guy.

DC: When I recently spoke to Michael Gross, he said that the reason why these last two films have worked so well is because of your contrasting styles – what’s your take on it?

JK: (Laughs) It’s true! The characters are us, you know? Burt’s really together and keeps everything up – check-lock, check-lock, check-lock…and Travis is like “why do we need a lock?” That’s how Michael is in life – he’s respectful, by the book, and I’m a bit all over the place and very loose – I’m the runny egg and Michael’s the shell, so we keep each other together and it’s a good combo.

DC: Now Michael’s taken quite the beating over the past two films as far as injuries are concerned – how about you? Any damage to report?

JK: It’s funny that he said that because he’s in such good shape – he makes me better because he’s so physical and he never gives up in a shot. In this movie I got hurt as well – I hurt my neck and back a little bit, but it’s all good. We’ve definitely taken a beating, that’s for sure.

DC: Now here’s a serious question for you: what poses a bigger threat to Jamie Kennedy, the man: a rampaging horde of ass-blasters, or a drunken, heckling crew at one of your comedy shows?

JK: Bro, I think I’d rather deal with ass-blasters than drunken hecklers any day! I always tell people that it’s the “triple-w” that I don’t like – the White Wine Warriors – women in their 40’s drinking a lot of white wine – they’re the worst hecklers!

DC: After Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell is released, what’s up next for you on the work slate?

JK: I’ve got a movie out now called The Spinning Man with Pierce Brosnan and Guy Pearce, and I’ve got a part in Brad Pitt’s new movie called Ad Astra, and that comes out in December, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

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