Exclusive: HABIT Clip Will Leave You in Pieces…Literally

Out now on all major digital platforms is the British horror film Habit, which is based on Stephen McGeah’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name. In celebration of this release, we’ve got our hands on an exclusive clip from the film that offers a taste, literally, of what you can expect in from the film.

The film follows Michael and his chance meeting with Lee that leads to a job at a seedy massage parlour called Cloud 9. After witnessing the violent death of one of the customers Michael experiences blood-drenched flashbacks and feels himself being sucked into a twilight world that he doesn’t understand but is irresistibly drawn to.

Habit was written and directed by Simeon Halligan and stars Jessica Barden, Elliot James Langridge, William Ash, Roxanne Pallett, and Joanne Mitchell.

Halligan explains, “It was a pleasure working with the two young lead actors in Habit. Jessica Barden, known in the States for The End of the F**king World was feisty and challenging as Lee and brings incredible energy to the screen while Elliot James Langridge is perfect as Michael, a complex, introverted character who seeks salvation with the most unlikely of families. I’m so excited to be finally sharing a slice of British urban horror with our friends in the US.

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