Argentinian Horror Series El Pulpo Negro Resurrected

Some fun news has come out of Cannes as it’s been announced that the 1985 Argentinian mini-series El Pulpo NegroThe Black Octopus) is getting a new version that will be a co-production between Argentina, Spain, and New Zealand. This venture will not only see a TV series but also a feature film, all of which will be written by Luis Murillo (who wrote the original story) and his son, Luis Murillo Arias.

Directed by Nicolás and Luciano Onetti (What The Waters Left Behind), the updated El Pulpo Negro, “…will maintain the spirit of the legendary series of the ’80s adjusting it into a modern version for the current times.

The original, which was directed by Marta Reguera, starred Spanish suspense/horror icon Narciso Ibáñez Menta. That series followed a man who extorts several people so that they kill others and leave the figure of a black octopus beside each cadaver.

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